Amber Rose is the semi-fanon driver of Flower Power competing in Twisted Metal 7. She's competing to stop humanit
Amber Rose is hot

Amber Rose

y from endangering nature and preventing the destruction of the earth. She is the same Amber Rose from the third Twisted Metal tournament but has gained super-natural powers and minor plant characteristics, and now goes further lengths to protect the world, even if it costs human lives in the process.


You human monsters are ruining this planet, our precious world used to be beautiful until mankind started ravaging it's natural beauty! Littering is disgusting! The earth is dying, and you are all murderers! I'ts time for plants to take back our world while we still can! -Amber Rose

Amber Rose has super-natural nature powers (a couple examples, photosynthesis and toxic poisons) and she is described as very beautiful and always wearing elaborate and sexy outfits. Her natural hair color is a very dirty blonde, and her skin tone is very tan.

Special: Flower of Power - A giant flower that seeks out the victim and delivers a powerful, pollenated blast, healing you for the amount of damage you cause.


Amber Rose is an environmentalist young woman. She can be kind, but if you wear a fur coat or drive a gas guzzler you're in danger! She is not as mentally unstable as most of the other contestants but she can be very wicked towards people who harm nature. Before gaining her supernatural powers and turning her life into one big mission to save the world, Amber Rose was a typical, somewhat ditzy hippie. Amber Rose spends most of her time picketing, protesting and boycotting when she's not competing in the Twisted Metal tournaments.


Amber Rose's car is Flower Power, a white Volvo PV544 with colorfully painted hearts, flowers, and peace signs all over it.

Story LineEdit

Amber Rose has always been fighting for the environment and animal rights to such extreme extents, for example, keying hummers and throwing red paint on rich old ladies wearing fur coats. Something strange happened to her between Twisted Metal III and Twisted Metal 7 that caused her to gain super-natural powers and abilities, she also became more vengeful towards humans.

When she found out about the newest Twisted Metal Tournament she saw it as an opportunity for another shot at "saving" the world, this time she's going all out with her new powers and relentless attitude.


After winning the Twisted Metal Tournament, Amber makes her wish! After Calypso grants it, the world becomes lush and green with flowers and trees everywhere. Buildings, machines, cities and all other man made things, including Amber's car, evaporate into nothing. Amber then sits on her viny, green throne and smirks while the plants punish humanity for their crimes against nature.


  • Although Amber is shown mostly loving plants, she also has a great love for animals.
  • Amber Rose competed in the third Twisted Metal tournament as well.