Afro chick

Monique Jackson

Anchor is a news van driven by anchorwoman Monique Jackson


Monique Jackson is an african-american anchorwoman in her early 30s with an afro and very expensive clothing and jewelry, she drives a news van.


Monique is very ambitious and sassy, and doesn't take crap from anyone. She looks at herself as being above everyone else and is very snobby towards her colleagues and fellow Twisted Metal competitors. She is wealthy and famous for being on a very well known news program.


Anchor is a news van.

Similar to Anchor in-game except Anchor's news station is fictional

Special: Satellite Laser- Aims at a nearby enemy and shoots a laser out of the satellite on the top of the van.

Passive Special: Backlash- While using your turbo, half of the attacks made against you ricochet off of your van and hit the attacker.


Speed - 2

Control - 2

Armor - 4

Special - 4

Story LineEdit

Monique has been a famous anchorwoman for the past decade and she's afraid that when she gets older that she will be replaced by a younger, prettier woman in her career.

She hears of the Twisted Metal tournament, she wants to compete for her wish; everlasting youth, to keep her job. And, besides, who doesn't want to be young forever?


After Monique wins the competition, she makes her wish to be young forever. Calypso grants her wish... but instead of being in her early twenties, like she wanted, she was cursed to be 5 years old forever! She wants in on a future tournament, if there is one, to win and make her wish more specific; to be 21 years old forever.