Armogaddon is a boss character that is driven by The Raptor. The vehicle is a large train that doesn't need train tracks in order to drive.


The Raptor is a humanoid lizard that drives a train called Armogaddon. He lives in a dark cave in the bayou. He's very alone because he scares everyone he sees. The bayou is abandoned because of him. One day, Calypso came into the dark cave without any fear and invited The Raptor to play his 'game'. Calypso gave him a chance to be a human if he wins the tournament. The Raptor went to  a nearby train station and high-jacked a train that was modified to drive on anything. The Raptor had some hope to be a human and be with the rest of the world.

The VehicleEdit

Armogaddon has some of the best stats in Twisted Metal. Here they are:

Armor: 5

Speed: 4

Special Weapon: 5

The special weapon for this car is Darkside and Cousin Eddy's special weapon, the ram attack. In case you didn't know, the ram attack is a small boost of speed that lasts for about 3 seconds. It can ram vehicles, causing major damage.

The Raptor's EndingEdit

The Raptor drives into Calypso's garage for his wish. Calypso congratulates him and gives him his wish. What happens is that Calypso does turn The Raptor into a human, but a human baby. This means that The Raptor has to wait a few years in order to be a full human. This is very similar to Mr. Slam's e

Lloyd The Albino Alligator Drawing

The Raptor (A.K.A. Lloyd)

nding in Twisted Metal: Head-On. 


Armogaddon is the first train vehicle in Twisted Metal.

The name comes from the word "Armageddon" which means the end of the world.

The Raptor's real name is Lloyd.