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Ok to make a character, just click where ever it says to make a new page and write down the name of the character and then try to include these:

Description Edit

Tell what the chracter looks like, what they do, what vehicle they drive and anything elese.

Personality Edit

Tell how the character acts, what they like, what they dislike, their attitude towards others, and what they want.

Story Line Edit

This is just a broad category that can be divided into smaller catergories like: Early Life (Prolouge or Begining), Current Life, and Epilouge (Ending).

Tell everyone what they did in their past life. An example would be that Dollface in Twisted Metal Black was a girl who accidentally spilt coffee on her bosses paper work and then got locked up in a doll face mask.

Why they joined the contest. An example would be Dollface wanted to remove her mask.

What happened after they won. An example would be in order for Dollface to unlock her mask she would have to take the key, but taking it would result in her boss being killed.

If they didn't win then tell us how they died or if they went missing or anything else.

What are they doing now. An example would be that after Dollface refused to take her mask off she decided to show the world that bad people can't pick on weaker people.

Trivia Edit

This catergory is completely optional. Tell any unknown info.