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[1]Granny Dread as she appears in TMIII.===Name=== Granny Dread; real name unknown





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Twisted Metal III



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Miami, FL


None, originally entered to kill the contestants and regain peace and quiet in her neighborhood; later changed to wish to stay home and watch daytime television.

"I'll run them out once and for all!"
Granny Dread, Twisted Metal III

Granny Dread is the driver of Hammerhead in Twisted Metal III. She has yet to appear in any other Twisted Metal game since her debut.

Twisted Metal IIIEdit


This little lady isn't fixing peach cobblers for her grandchildren, she's looking for revenge. The last Twisted Metal competition blazed through Granny Dread's neighborhood and left it smoldering rubble. She's anxious to restore the peace so she can watch daytime TV while she knits tight-fitting sweaters for her cuddly pit bull, Fang. Like most grandmothers, she drives a monster off-road vehicle that comes in handy when she needs to pick up her tea-sipping buddies for Bingo night.

"My neighborhood used to be peaceful and quiet until the Twisted Metal contest came to town. Calypso and his crew left my neighborhood a burning rubble. I can't even hear my TV with all that racket. I'll run them out once and for all!"

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