Iron Goblin is a green four-wheeler driven by 25-year old Michael Gaspard Jr.


Michael "Mikey" Gaspard Jr. is the first son of Michael Gaspard (Driver of Blackout) and the half-brother of Eyeless Justin (Driver of Marauder). He went insane after the supposed death of his father. However, his father was turned into the "Michaelnator" by Dr. Rhoemer. Mikey enters the Twisted Metal tournament to wish for things to go back to normal for his family. 


Name: Iron Goblin


Iron Goblin.

Driver: Michael Gaspard Jr.  Armor: 1/5 Speed:5/5

Special Weapon: 3/5

The vehicle is a green four-wheeler with metal designs on it. Mikey originally got it as a birthday present from his father. 

The special weapon is called "Goblin Head". It works as a napalm but is much more powerful.


Mikey enters Calypso's underground garage. He is congratulated by Calypso, the creator of the Twisted Metal contest. 

Calypso: Congratulations, Mr. Gaspard. You have won the Twisted Metal tournament. You are now entitled to one wish. 

Mikey: Cut the formalities. You should know what my wish is. 

Calypso looks at the paper that states Mikey's wish.

Calypso: Ah. So, you want your life to go back to normal? 

Mikey: Yes, Calypso. Ever since my dad died, my life has been a disaster. I also heard that my half-brother has no eyes anymore. 

Calypso: Well, there are some wishes that I can not grant completely. But, I'll do what I can. 

In a flash of light, Mikey was reliving his past. He was happy again. That is, until he discovered that he was in a coma. Calypso partially granted his wish.