Jack Powers is the fanon character that replaces the former driver of Club Kid and appears in Twisted Metal 7. He drives Silhouette.

Creation and Differences Edit

In my opinion the original Club Kid's main problem was its design and story line. As many know Club Kid was a raver who wanted to party all day and night. He and his vehicle were completely covered in smiley faces. I decided to keep the raver part, but make him one those creeps in a rave that take people that are all hopped on Angel Dust and do what they want with them.

Twisted Metal Black had a character named Bloody Mary, so I decided to add a character based off something that scared people and was an urban house hold name. I decided to go with Jack the Ripper. Why? Well, Jack the Ripper was never found out and is commonly known. From there I made him into a modern killer, going rave to rave searching for his victim.

I wanted give him a very mysterious personality and shadowy appearance. I don't really want to show much of him because no knows what he looks like and yet, he also has to be able walk in public daylight and not be suspected of doing anything.


My idea of Jack Powers

Storyline Edit

As most people know, Jack the Ripper was was a serial killer in London. He murdered five women and mutilated their corpses. To this day no one knows who he is. By now he is long dead. Jack however, refused to stay dead. By tricking Satan, he gained access into the real world where his murder spree continued. Jack's happiness however would only last so long though. Satan had learned of his location and now wants him back, so he can torture him for the next eternity.

Jack was able to evade Satan's grasp by holding a crucifix, but as long he holds it he is unable to kill because of God's power inside of it. He is later met by a member of the Sweet Tooth faction. He joins driving Silhouette.