Nightshade is a normal character driven by Dr. Scott Evil. The vehicle is a solid black van.


Scott-evil again

Dr. Scott Evil from "Austin Powers In: Goldmember".

At the end of the movie, "Austin Powers In: Goldmember", Dr. Evil, the main villain, discovered that he was Austin's brother because of Nigel's backstory. Dr. Evil turned good right when his son, Scott, turned evil just like him. Then, at the very end of the movie, Scott said "I'm gonna get you, Austin Powers!". He was now the villain. Some time later, Scott still didn't know how he was going to 'get' Austin Powers. Then, he got an invite to a contest. It was called "Twisted Metal". Scott knew what he had to do. He stole a black van and he went to compete in Calypso's contest. His one true wish was to rule the world. If he won, he would rule the world and no more Austin Powers.

The VehicleEdit

Nightshade is a fair vehicle. Here's the car's stats:



Armor: 4

Speed: 3

Special Weapon: 4

The special weapon is a black laser that does good damage. When it is released, it 

makes an evil laugh. 

Dr. Scott Evil's EndingEdit

Scott drives into Calypso's garage for his wish. Calypso congratulates him and gives him his wish. He gets his wish. Now, he is ruler of the planet: Mars. He has nobody to control accept for rocks. But, the red rocks do nothing. Scott vows that he will get Calypso one of these days.


Scott Evil is a celebrity character from the Austin Powers movies.

He looks like he did at the end of Austin Powers In: Goldmember where he was bald and wearing black Dr. Evil clothing.