Oblivion is a boss character that is driven by Satan. The vehicle is a large red hot rod with flames. 



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Satan is the master of Hell. He and Minion are partners. Every day, he wishes for the world to be like Hell. He gets an invite to compete in a contest called "Twisted Metal". Satan knew what his wish would be: To unleash Hell on Earth and laugh forever! 

The VehicleEdit

Oblivion is a very decent vehicle with really decent stats:

Armor: 4



Speed: 4

Special Weapon: 5

The special weapon for this car is a swarm of fire found directly from Hell. It does good damage to the opponents.

Satan's EndingEdit

Satan drives into Calypso's garage to claim his prize. His wish was to unleash Hell on Earth and laugh forever. Calypso grants his wish. He is on top of the highest building on Earth and down below is fire with burning souls. Satan was happy. He laughed forever. But, for some reason, he could not stop lauging. He laughed so hard that he fell off the building and burned just like the rest of the souls.