Paramedic Team

Tina (left), Steven (middle) and Leeroy (right) in front of their Ambulance

Paramedic is an Ambulance driven by a team of paramedics named Leeroy Bates, Tina Ferneley and Steven Shepard.


Paramedic is an ambulance driven by a team of paramedics, one female and two male.


Leeroy is considered the leader of the group who drives the ambulance and is very bossy but nice, Tina is tom-boyish with a great sense of humor and Steven is a trainee who isn't very social. They are very serious about their job and they love helping others as much as possible.


Their vehicle is a simple ambulance.

Special: Energy Ray - Releases an energy circumference that siphons an opponent's health unto their own. Same as Meter Maid's from Twisted Metal 4.

Passive Special: Medical Training - Very slow health regeneration after 5 seconds without combat.


Speed - 4

Control - 3

Armor - 3

Special - 2


Leeroy, Tina and Steven live in a bad city where they see tragedies happen all the time, they realise how dark the world really is and want to change it.

They hear of the Twisted Metal tournament and they upgrade their ambulance with turrets, armor, and missles. They enter hoping Calypso can answer their simple wish, world peace. They figure the cost of a few lives now is worth billions of lives in the future.


After they win the contest, they get their wish and the world becomes a very peaceful and safe place.

Paramedic still roams the streets helping people in need.


  • Paramedic has no relation to Deathulance in Twisted Metal (2011).