Joe, the driver of Rascal

Rascal is a mobility scooter driven by Joe.


Joe is an overweight, caucasian, brunette man and Rascal is a mobility scooter.


An extremely shy, but nice nerd with a great sense of humor who's rich parents pay for everything, he spends most of his time gaming, reading comic books and other "nerdy" hobbies.


Rascal is a mobility scooter.

Special: Lightsaber Strike - Slices the enemy with his blue lightsaber that causes great damage but requires close range.

Passive Special: Jedi Master - Saber Strike regenerates faster than other vehicles' specials.



Speed - 1

Control - 1

Armor - 1

Special - 9


Joe loves superheros and knights so much that he idolizes them and wants to become a great hero one day.

After he finds out about the Twisted Metal tournament he upgrades his scooter with turrets and missles to compete for his big dream; become a superhero!


After Joe wins the competition, he makes his wish to be the ultimate super hero, Calypso grants his wish and Joe becomes Super Joe, a Superman-like superhero, Joe is very pleased with his wish.

To this day Joe still fights crime and purges the cities of evil.