Sizzler is a Food Truck driven by Randy Roberts.

Description Edit

Randy Roberts is an owner (26 years of age) of many food carts, but one food truck He drives. Randy is a Caucasian with yellow-orange hair.

Personality Edit

Randy is an good driver, but fears His fellow competitors in the Twisted Metal Competition. but He won't hesitate to fight for His wish.

Vehicle/Weapons Edit

Sizzler is a Food Truck.

Sp. Weapon: The Pepper Bomb doesn't do much damage, but it can do burning damage to the opponents within the explosion for 12 seconds.

Stats Edit

Armor: 4

Speed: 2

Sp. Weapon: 3

Randy's Ending Edit

Randy comes to Calypso's Garage to wish for 1,000 food trucks. Calypso Grants the wish, but He tells Randy to search the entire world, and fast or people will claim them as Their own, as Randy drives off to claim them.