Twisted Metal Revolution is a fan made installment of the Twisted Metal series created by julian-adrian. The theme of the whole story is modeled after Twisted Metal Black in the way that the characters are much darker. Every character is faintly adapted from a character in Twisted Metal 3 and 4, as these titles generally received poor reviews compared to other installments.

Characters Edit

  • Aisha Hoffmann - The new claimant to Flower Power, Aisha is an ecological terrorist but instead of the hippie BS introduced by Amber Rose in Twisted Metal 3, her plans are much more effective than picketing.
  • Damien Walker – Damien Walker was a fire fighter whose had a troubling past and even more troubling future. As the contest rages he wonders how he can go on taking lives.
  • Granny Dread – This little old lady has a lot give and a lot to take as she goes through the rapid road rage.

Other Confirmed Characters Edit

  • Club Kid
  • Orbital
  • Pizza Boy
  • Goggle Eyes
  • Drag Queen
  • Angela Fortin (Pit Viper)