Chives Pennyworth

VIP is a black Limousine driven by Chives Pennyworth.


A caucasian male limousine driver in uniform with a mustache. Chives' comes from a family that consisted mostly of maids, butlers, cooks, drivers and other forms of servants.


Chives is sick of his life as a limousine driver for a famous movie star and wants to break the family chain of servants.


A black stretch limousine.

Special: Paparazzi - A quick flash of light that causes damage and blinds all enemies within 10 yards of you for 5 seconds.

Passive Special: Money is Power - Increases the quanity of weapons you get per pickup by 1.


Speed - 3

The limousine, VIP

Control - 2

Armor - 3

Special - 4


Chives realised that he came from a family that has been nothing but servants and becomes depressed, he stole as much money he could from the movie star he drives around, he cracked while driving her to a movie premiere and kicked her out of the limousine in the middle of nowhere and took all of her money that she had on her and her cellphone, and left her with nothing but her lapdog and her expensive dress.

Chives became a wanted man for what he did and has been on the run, he found out about the Twisted Metal tournament and spent some of his stolen money on upgrades and weapons for his limousine and headed off to the contest.


After Chives wins the contest he wishes that everyone would forget about what he has done to the movie star and wishes that he becomes rich and famous, Calypso grants his wish.

Chives was on the way to a movie premiere for a movie that he starred in, but on the way there his limo driver had a breakdown and shot Chives, killing him, then the driver shoots himself.