• This page is to help people.

Ok so this page is to help people make a pretty decent vehicle page. To make a vehicle look for the add article button and click it. Choose a name and begin. These are some of the things that can be in your page:

Description Edit

Include the type car(model or just a broad description), its color, and who drives it.

Note: In Twisted Metal some of the vehicles are driven by more than person. In this case if a person wants Mr. Grimm then they would have to include this on their character page and any minor changes that may have made. Another thing you can do is use the same vehicle with a diferent name (Ex. Mr. Grimm 2.0), but if this is done then it must say on your page that this was done. (Ex. Originally based off etc..).

Stats Edit

Tell the abilities of your vehicle. These include specials and stats.

Note: Stats are on a scale between 1 and 5 (1 and 10 if wished). Vehicles can not have all stats at 5 (or 10).

Speed - How fast the car is.

Control - How well the car drives.

Special - The strength and effectiveness of the special.

Armor - How well does the car stand agianst attack.


Vehicles can have any specail you like. Include what it does, it range, and its effectiveness.

Trivia Edit

Any unknown info.